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Using the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Need to access MHC restricted tech tools (see list) from off campus? Want to enable stronger security with your campus work? There’s a tool for that — called virtual private network (VPN). Even if you’re traveling, you can still connect to MHC over the internet safely and securely to access the same resources you normally use on campus.

Connect from your computer and phone:

  • Using the GlobalProtect client on computers running Windows or macOS
  • Using the GlobalProtect mobile app on Android and iOS cellphones 

GlobalProtect is VPN software that allows current faculty, staff and students to securely connect their devices to the MHC network while off campus. 

VPN is available (and only necessary) from OFF Campus. You cannot connect to the VPN while connected to campus internet (eduroam, Lyonnet-Encrypt, or wired ethernet). 

Once connected via VPN, you will have access to all MHC on-campus resources, including licensed software (on College-owned machines), mapped network drives on the AMBR file server, your campus telephone, printers, administrative systems and on-campus remote desktop computers. For a more detailed list, check out the FAQ section below.

Set Up and Use the MHC VPN

On Windows or macOS Computers

On Android and iOS mobile devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what VPN is or when you might need it? These FAQs are here to help.

Still have questions? Reach out to the Technology Help Desk.