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Using the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Need to access the MHC network from off campus? There’s a tool for that — called virtual private network (VPN). Even if you’re traveling, you can still connect to the MHC campus over the internet safely and securely to access the same resources you normally use on campus.

GlobalProtect is VPN software that allows faculty, staff and current students to securely connect a computer running Windows or macOS to the MHC network while off campus.  

Once connected via VPN, you will have access to all MHC on-campus resources, including licensed software (on College-owned machines), mapped network drives on the AMBR file server, your campus telephone, printers, administrative systems and on-campus remote desktop computers. For a more detailed list, check out the FAQ section below.

Using the VPN is easy! First, install GlobalProtect with the directions below

GlobalProtect installation instructions 

Download the GlobalProtect software with the instructions below. 

NOTE: VPN is used OFF Campus only. You cannot connect to the VPN while on campus. 

  1. From off campus, you can download the software here.
  2. From on campus, log into your MHC Google account and download the software here:

Windows users: to determine Windows version, 64- versus 32-bit, right-click your My Computer icon on the desktop and choose Properties. The properties will tell you which version you have.

3. Select the appropriate software for your computer and follow the install prompts. 

4. Open the GlobalProtect Software Panel and enter the settings below:   

  • Portal:
  • Username: your MHC username (username only)
  • Password: your MHC password 

Mac users: you may have a globe icon on the top right of your screen; click the globe to select Settings. Click the plus sign (+) and add

If at any point you are struggling to successfully download the VPN software, try using a different web browser, ie. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. 

After GlobalProtect is installed and properly configured on your computer, you may start up and sign in to the program whenever you need to establish a VPN connection from off campus.

Connect to GlobalProtect VPN

Once GlobalProtect software is installed on your computer, connect using the following steps:

  1. Turn on your computer, and connect to the internet as you normally would.
  2. Start GlobalProtect VPN software, and sign in using your MHC username and password.
  3. Minimize the GlobalProtect app so it continues to run in the background.

Now, you have a secure connection back to campus and can access all the resources and services you normally would while on campus. 

NOTE: You cannot connect to the MHC VPN while connected to MHC's network, including MHC's eduroam, Lyonnet-Encrypt, and wired internet on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions