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Map a network drive (PC/Windows 10)

Open a Windows File Explorer window and select This PC on the left side pane.

  1. Select the computer tab, and in the ribbon menu at the top, Map network drive.
  2. Select any letter of the alphabet to represent the drive folder from the drop-down list.
  3. Depending on which folder you want to access, use the following paths:
    • for department shared files and folders: \\ambr\depts 
    • for faculty course web pages: \\ambr\webcourses\username
    • for personal web pages: \\ambr\world\
  4. Once you have confirmed your selection, select Finish at the lower-right corner. Note that on the “map network drive” window, you have the option to choose between reconnecting at sign in or connecting using different credentials.

At the end of this process, the new drive will appear any time you navigate to this PC in File Explorer, and you will be able to access its content from there.