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Zoom videoconferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to communicate with remote individuals or groups. Common uses of video conferencing include bringing guest speakers to your classroom, interviewing job candidates, teaching/taking Five College classes with participants at other campuses, attending or hosting professional meetings and connecting with student organizations on other campuses.

LITS offers Zoom as the primary video conferencing option for the campus community.


  • provides excellent video and audio quality, even over long distances, with extremely high stability and reliability;
  • is designed to be intuitive, so users can be self-sufficient once they are familiar with its use;
  • works well for one-on-one or multiperson meetings, up to 100 participants;
  • allows for screen-sharing, recording from a webcam and hosting webinars; and
  • does not require that participants other than the host have a Zoom account.

First, create a Zoom account.

If you need a room or assistance getting started, fill out the video conference request form (you must be logged in to your MHC account) at least 7 days before your video conference. If you are the only participant at Mount Holyoke College, you can use Zoom on your desktop or laptop. Reserve a webcam and USB speaker/microphone if you need one.