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Using Computer Labs Remotely

Many courses use specialized software that’s currently installed in computer labs across campus. View the list of software on campus computers. You can connect to those labs to access these programs from your own computer. If your course requires specialized software, you can connect remotely to a computer on campus already equipped with a variety of programs. For computer labs associated with a class (e.g. some chemistry and computer science classes) please see your professor for instructions on how to access computers with specific software.


To connect remotely to the MHC labs, you will need: 

  • an active MHC account
  • a stable internet connection of 1.5 Mbps or higher (online tools, such as this one, are available to test your internet speed if you are unsure of your connection)
  • to be connected to MHC campus network -- either through MHC VPN or living on campus
  • (for Mac users) to install Microsoft remote desktop to connect to Windows computer labs
  • (for Windows users to connect to Macs) to install VNC Viewer from RealVNC or another VNC client

Please note the following:

  • When you connect for the first time, expect a delay as the list populates with available computers.
  • If this is the first time you are logging into a particular computer, allow a minute or two for your profile to be created.
  • Only certain groups of users should be logging into the Chem and CS groups; these machines use different accounts and faculty will provide the information to users when applicable. 


Finding computers and software

LITS provides a tool, KeyServer, to connect to the computers in campus computer labs. You must be on campus or connected to VPN to reach KeyServer.

To connect to the KeyServer dashboard

  1. Enter your MHC username and password or select "Guest." (You'll have a little more information available to you if you log in.) 
  2. Search by software title to find computers that have the software installed (eg, "map" will give you results for Maple and ArcGIS, the mapping application.) 
  3. Search results will show computers with your preferred software.  You can toggle the switches for availability and platform. The next screenshot shows a list with the available Windows computers selected.

To use an available computer, select the "Connect" link.


screenshot of Keyserver program. search bar at top of page. two headings: "software availability" and "availability." typing of "MAP" in "software availability" search bar