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Does your computer need fixing?

Personally-owned computer repair:

The LITS Technology Help Desk is not authorized to make changes or hardware repairs on personally owned computers. We can support you in a diagnosis so you have more information when reaching out to an external service vendor. There are times where a diagnostic visit restores the computer to working condition, but usually hardware errors require someone to open up the computer and change a component. Find our list of recommended vendors on the Personal Tech Purchases page.

College-owned computer repair:

LITS fully supports College-owned computers experiencing software or hardware issues. We have Dell- and Apple-certified technicians on staff who can repair most problems on site and provide a loaner laptop if you need one.

College-owned computers for faculty and staff

All LITS-issued faculty and staff desktop computers are replaced on a 4 – 5 year rotation plan according to our employee computer policy. Each year, LITS purchases standard supported desktop and laptop hardware to replace computers that have reached the end of their rotation time on campus.

Faculty and staff members who need a new or replacement computer should put in a request via our computer requests form.

Personal computer discounts and recommendations

For information on technology purchasing discounts for Mount Holyoke College students, faculty and staff see personal tech purchases.

Retiring faculty members

Are you a faculty member planning to retire in the near future? Did you know you can buy your College-owned computer and take it with you? See our retiring faculty computer policy for details.