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Zoom video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to communicate with remote individuals or groups. Common uses of video conferencing include bringing guest speakers to your classroom, conducting remote or hybrid meetings, interviewing job candidates, teaching/taking Five College classes with participants at other campuses, attending or hosting professional meetings and connecting with student organizations on other campuses.

As the primary video conferencing option for the campus community, Zoom:

  • requires an internet or phone connection, computer, webcam and speakers/microphone or headset;
  • works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, iOS and Android;
  • provides excellent video and audio quality, even over long distances, with extremely high stability and reliability;
  • is designed to be intuitive, so users can be self-sufficient once they are familiar with its use;
  • works well for one-on-one or multi-person meetings, up to 300 participants with unlimited time;
  • allows for screen-sharing, recording from a webcam and hosting webinars; and
  • does not require that participants other than the host have a Zoom account.

Getting Started with Zoom

No need to create an account - Your Zoom account is already set up with your email address!  Follow the instructions below to log in and get started. 

For the smoothest first time login experience, we recommend logging out of any Google accounts that you're logged into in your browser besides your MHC Google account. Should you see any unexpected errors, please contact the LITS Technology Help Desk with a screenshot.

Using Zoom

Below find instructions for using Zoom’s features.