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Strategic plan

LITS anti-racism statement

LITS staff believe in the power, potential and value of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Anti-racism is not an intellectual exercise, but essential work necessary to address the toll structural racism inflicts on communities and people of color, and therefore all of us, every day. We affirm our individual and group responsibility to identify and eliminate the structural barriers that limit the engagement, contributions, and success of individuals and groups based on identity. As a learning community committed to purposeful engagement in the world, we commit to continual examination and confrontation of our own individual biases and historic and continued systemic racism within our professions and institution. We commit to effecting meaningful change that addresses racism through frequent, consistent, equitable choices and actions. 

LITS vision

We inspire learning, reflection, and creativity, and stimulate ideas through the power of technology, discovery, and collaboration. We empower the Mount Holyoke College community to dive into an ever-changing world in pursuit of scholarship, research, and innovative solutions to academic and operational challenges.

We’ll prepare you to face the future with confidence.

LITS mission

LITS facilitates the creative use of information and technology for the Mount Holyoke College community. It supports the educational priorities of the College by providing instruction, materials, staff expertise and equipment to sustain learning, teaching, research and the College’s administrative functions.