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Floor map and stack locations

Confused about what's where?  See floor maps and stacks locations.  We know LITS is a maze, learn how to find your way around the complex!

Building outline

Stacks directory

Call Number Location
A-C North level 2
D South level 1
E-HD South level 2
HE-JZ South level 3
K-NX South level 4
P-PQ3999 South level 5
PQ4000-PS3499 South level 6
PS3500-PT South level 7
PZ, T-Z North level 7
Q-S North level 6
Need to know which stacks floors are wheelchair accessible? To request items be pulled for you, choose Request item when viewing an item in the Five College Libraries Catalog. Learn more about requesting items.
Collection Location
Cutter books, A-83-YZ Request at Circulation Desk

Leisure: Level 2 1/2
Curricular: request at Circulation Desk

Journals & magazines Browsing collection: Level 4
Past issues: Level 2 1/2
Leisure books & newspapers Level 4

Published in the last 5 years: Level 6, Stimson Room
Older publication dates: shelved in the stacks by call number

Floor maps

LITS level 2 and Dwight basement

LITS Level 2 and Dwight Basement Map

LITS level 3

LITS Level 3 Map

LITS level 4 and Dwight level 1

LITS Level 4 Map

LITS level 5

LITS Level 5 Map

LITS level 6

LITS Level 6 Map

LITS level 7

LITS Level 7 Map

LITS level 1

(Yes, you have found the basement...)

LITS Level 1 Map