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Floor map and stack locations

Confused about what's where?  See floor maps and stacks locations.  We know LITS is a maze, learn how to find your way around the complex!

Stacks directory

Stacks Directory Image

Need a more accessible version of the stacks directory?


Floor maps

LITS level 2 and Dwight basement

LITS Level 2 and Dwight Basement Map

LITS level 3

LITS Level 3 Map

LITS level 4 and Dwight level 1

LITS Level 4 Map

LITS level 5

LITS Level 5 Map

LITS level 6

LITS Level 6 Map

LITS level 7

LITS Level 7 Map

LITS level 1

(Yes, you have found the basement...)

LITS Level 1 Map