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Moodle is Mount Holyoke College’s learning management system. Deliver course materials, such as your syllabus, non-book readings, and video ereserves. Create quizzes and assignments.

Common Moodle Questions

  • Will I need to create my courses manually? No. Moodle courses are automatically created for all classes each semester.
  • Will I need to manually manage class rosters? No. Students who are officially enrolled in a class are automatically added to the associated Moodle course.
  • Will I be able to re-use course materials from year to year? Yes. Moodle’s import function will let you easily re-use all or some of the materials in a given course.
  • What kinds of assignments does Moodle support? Moodle allows teachers to create a variety of interactive activity types, including assignments, quizzes, lessons, forums, checklists, and more. Most of these activity types are integrated with Moodle’s Gradebook.
  • Can I upload my own videos to Moodle courses? Yes. Moodle is tightly integrated with Kaltura, our video management solution.
  • Who can access Moodle courses? Access to Moodle is limited to current 5-college community members, and typically only members of the particular class. See the Guest Access Policy for more details.

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A special note: Moodle is intended for active courses and is not a good storage vehicle. For this, as well as copyright reasons, we end student access to courses a few weeks after each semester ends. Additionally, we only keep older courses on Moodle for faculty reuse for 3 prior years (+ current year). See more information.