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LITS website version 2.0

Thanks so much to everyone who provided feedback on our new website over the course of the last year. Based on your comments, we have made a number of changes this summer to enhance the site. These changes include:

  • Adding News and Events and Quick Links to the homepage.
  • Improving Search
  • Making search more prominent on the homepage.
    • Simplifying search by taking lesser-used options off the dropdown.
    • Adding what am I searching? help text
  • Separating the two portions of the Mount Holyoke | LITS logo. The Mount Holyoke logo now links directly to the Mount Holyoke homepage and the LITS text links to the LITS homepage.
  • Simplifying the footer and making it easier to find contact information for LITS.
  • Creating a clearer Hours block in the footer.
  • Simplifying the navigation by removing lesser-used links.
  • Adjusting the formatting of the navigation boxes on the interior pages to improve readability.
  • Pinning top navigation to the top of the page when scrolling.
  • Reordering a few of the navigation dropdowns, primarily:
    • Research now includes the most commonly used research tools.
    • For Faculty has been renamed Teaching Support and we have provided more links directly there.

LITS is committed to accessibility and we have tested the new version extensively. If you are using assistive technologies and run into any issues, please let us know immediately. We have valued your comments and look forward to hearing what you think of the new version. Please send us feedback!