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Fall 2020 Moodle courses (with Kaltura!) have been created.

Fall Moodle courses for Mod 1 and 2 have been created and are ready to build!

The default template for a new course now includes additional pre-configured options, such as a Zoom link for your class sessions, and pages for syllabus components. Please feel free to delete the pieces that don’t work for you.

When you log into Moodle you will be at the Dashboard, which is customizable to what works for you. We have made this change to facilitate a cohesive student experience. The opening page was previously Site Home, which you can access by clicking on the navigation menu on the left.

Kaltura now available in Moodle courses.

Kaltura is Mount Holyoke’s new video creation, storage, and management platform, accessible via the "My Media" tab in Moodle, and through "add a resource". Kaltura allows you to record new or upload existing video (directly from a file, YouTube or Zoom), then edit, add quiz questions to videos to confirm student understanding, and easily embed the finished product in your Moodle course. 

Learn more about Kaltura, including upcoming trainings, at the Kaltura page on the Teaching Remotely Guide.

Questions? Make an appointment or come to the Zoom drop-in support sessions: