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Having troubles logging in?

The LITS Technology Help Desk has been receiving reports of issues logging into Moodle and my.mtholyoke. This may be related to recent changes made to the MHC login process. 

Troubleshooting issues connecting to web-based systems or loading web pages

If you are experiencing issues with loading web pages, login, or other unexpected errors connecting to web-based systems such as my.mtholyoke or Moodle these standard troubleshooting steps should help resolve your issues:

1. Clear your browser history, cache and/or cookies for 'all time' (Chrome, Firefox, Safari (MacOS) Safari (iOS), Edge).

2. Try using a different web browser (FireFox, Safari, Edge, Chrome).

3. Try private browsing. Most web browsers have a setting you can use to browse privately, where your browser will not retain site-settings. Private browsing is a great way to troubleshoot unexpected issues.  In Firefox and Safari this is called a Private Window. In Chrome it is called opening an incognito window


If you continue to experience difficulty logging in, please contact the Technology Help Desk