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Gradescope workshops for faculty 3/2 and 3/4

Interested in using Gradescope for Mod 2? Faculty workshops are March 2 and March 4! 

We are running Gradescope workshops in partnership with the vendor this week, Tuesday and Thursday (March 2 and March 4), at 4 pm Eastern. If you are considering adopting Gradescope for Mod 2, please consider joining us for this training opportunity! 

We hope some of you will be able to take serendipitous advantage of the live workshop despite the short turnaround. We will also record these sessions for future review. Perfect for new users, current users also welcome to come and share your experiences. 

Not sure if Gradescope is right for you? We now have an introduction to this grading tool on our Moodle Guide.

  • Gradescope Workshop #1 (March 2, 4-5 PM) via Zoom 
  • Gradescope Workshop #2 (March 4, 4-5 PM) via Zoom