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LITS invites faculty input on Mathematica version

Mount Holyoke will renew its Mathematica license this spring, for the coming 3 years. There are now multiple options for us to explore:

  • delivering Mathematica online via the cloud,
  • locally via installation on individual computers, 
  • or both. 

LITS invites faculty input on the value and benefit of these options.

For the last several years, Mount Holyoke has purchased local desktop licenses of Mathematica for student and faculty users. This has allowed the software to be installed on individual computers. Mathematica is now also offered as software in the cloud, accessible online via a web browser. This could potentially be an option for Mount Holyoke. 

LITS seeks faculty input on the preference and impact of the different models to inform the purchase decision. We invite input via this form, or at a Zoom input session on Tuesday, March 22, at 11 AM.

Our current version of Mathematica does not require an internet connection for use. However, it is not accessible on a Chromebook, phone, or tablet. The online version would require a connection to the internet, but it can be accessed via a Chromebook, and a mobile app for phone and tablets would be included.

Do you currently use the desktop version of Mathematica in your research or teaching? We welcome you to explore our trial of the online version! To get started, create an account with your Mount Holyoke email at

We look forward to your feedback!