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Zoom Changes as of March 1st

In an effort to increase security, Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports and Dashboards beginning March 1st. MHC email addresses will continue to be listed. 

What does this mean? 

If you’ve been relying on Zoom’s account reports and dashboards to track attendance of non-MHC meeting participants that will no longer function unless the guest account meets any of the following conditions:

  • If the participant entered their email address into the meeting or webinar registration flow, then it will be shown for that specific meeting/webinar
  • If the host provided the participant’s email to Zoom in any of the following ways:
    • If the participant is on the calendar invitation/event via one of Zoom’s calendar integrations (Outlook or Google Calendar)
    • If the participant has externally authenticated using an authentication system provided by the host
    • If the participant email was entered with the: “Allow Authentication Exception” option under “Only authenticated users can join”
    • If the participant’s email was entered via the Breakout Rooms assignment feature or allow authentication exceptions to breakout room feature
    • If you import a CSV file for panelists and attendees of a webinar

Need to enable registration on your Zoom account? Limited licenses for the Zoom Webinar features are available. Please contact Media Services.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact the LITS Help Desk: 413-538-2600 or