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Get support transitioning from AMBR to MHCDrive

LITS is retiring the AMBR file server on June 30, 2023. After that date, you will not be able to connect to AMBR. 

If your department uses AMBR and has not already been in communication with LITS about migrating to MHCDrive, please have your department head or technical contact submit the Request Support with AMBR transition to MHCDrive form (requires MHC login) to begin the migration process.

What is MHCDrive and what data belongs there?

MHCDrive is a replacement for AMBR on a new server that will allow you to log in using the same password you use to log into MHC email. Learn more about what it looks like in this short 8-minute video overview of MHCDrive (requires MHC login).

When considering which data to migrate into MHCDrive, please take into consideration the College's Records Retention Policy and LITS’s File Storage Guidelines.