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Phish Report: "Attention Dear! Your SSN has been cancelled"

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Date Sent: July 25, 2023

From: SSA.SUPPORT TEAM-USA_fm629 <leonhint417e0 at gmail dot com>

Subject: Attention Dear! Your SSN has been cancelled


Attention Dear!  [MHC email address]:-

    We regret to inform you that your Social Security number has been temporarily suspended due to the detection of suspicious and illegal activities uncovered in our investigation.
This case ID requires your utmost attention. (CaseID: SSA-57146246)
To receive appropriate support from our Query Support team, please mention the assigned Case ID when contacting them.
Your complete cooperation is earnestly sought-after as we rely on your support in all respects to expedite the resolution of the case.

We are immensely thankful for your significant contribution.

Yours faithfully,
United States of America