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LITS launches new AskLITS support portal

LITS is excited to announce that we launched a new support portal for the MHC community called AskLITS on August 16th, 2023. 

On the portal you can:

  • Request help and service from LITS staff in the service catalog
  • Browse the knowledge base to find self-help articles solving common issues
  • View tickets you’ve opened with LITS, add updates, and see progress
  • Approve requests from your employees where appropriate

LITS is committed to providing excellent service to the MHC community and we believe this change will help us serve you even better!


Below we’ve answered questions we imagine you may have due to this announcement. If you have other questions, please submit a General support / get help ticket on the AskLITS portal. 

Share feedback using the AskLITS portal feedback service

Who can use the portal?

  • Everyone in the MHC community! Information on the portal is available to the public
  • Users will be prompted to log in with an MHC username and password to view their tickets and favorited services and articles and to submit some request forms

How was the portal chosen?

Starting in 2021, LITS began internal focus groups to learn how LITS staff were using the previous ticketing tool and what it could do better. From there, a LITS-wide team collaborated to create our requirements for a new tool and began soliciting vendor bids in November 2022. 

The MHC community was invited to participate in vendor demonstrations and provide feedback during Spring 2023. Thank you to everyone who attended the demos and shared their thoughts!

Ultimately, LITS chose TeamDynamix due to their experience in Higher Education (80% of their customers are Higher Education institutions) and their tool’s flexibility and adherence to MHC accessibility requirements.  

How do I get to the AskLITS portal?

  • Go there directly by entering
  • Get there via the LITS website by choosing AskLITS portal from the Featured Resources panel on the homepage or from any LITS webpage footer
  • Portal pages will also show up in relevant Google search results 

Is the AskLITS portal the only way to contact LITS staff now?

You can continue to contact LITS teams via email and phone. 

However, if you're requesting a regular service or need technical assistance, the AskLITS portal is your easiest and most comprehensive point of entry. 

What email address(es) can I expect to receive notifications from via the AskLITS portal?

The AskLITS portal will send notifications using the following email address:

Occasionally, you may see email notifications from Those are also legitimate messages from the AskLITS portal, though they may generate a yellow warning at the top of the message.

Additionally, when you choose to reply to an AskLITS notification via email, you’ll see that your reply is handled by

If you ever receive a message seemingly from the AskLITS portal that looks suspicious to you, you can always go directly to to view your ticket updates there.

How does the AskLITS portal launch affect the LITS website?

  • In conjunction with the launch of the AskLITS portal, search on the LITS homepage will be split into two search boxes:
  • Many LITS webpages are being rebuilt in the AskLITS service catalog and knowledge base and then retired on the LITS website. Redirects should take you to the AskLITS portal.

What about tickets I opened prior to 8/16?

We're closing out tickets that were created prior to the launch of the new system in our old ticketing system. Log in and see any open tickets you requested in the old system. [UPDATE: As of 11/29/2023 the old system has been fully retired and is no longer accessible.]