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New exhibit in Archives and Special Collections: Collectivity, Community, Change: Black History at Mount Holyoke.

Where we are today is a reflection of those who came before. For nearly 150 years, Black students have been shaping the Mount Holyoke we know. While acknowledging the struggles, this exhibit highlights the milestones that brought us to today. The history and legacy of the Black community at Mount Holyoke is rich and multifaceted, marked by the leadership, community, activism, and achievement that defines a Mount Holyoke education. The archives will be open without an appointment during the week of inauguration: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9:30-12 pm, 1-4:30 pm, Wednesday 9:30-12 pm, 1-3 pm, and Thursday 3-4:30 pm. Come by to see this new exhibit! Email for more information.

Collectivity, Community, Change: Black History at Mount Holyoke exhibit

Five Black students at MHC share a laugh around a dining table in a residence hall.

Four unidentified students in a residence hall dining room, undated.