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Phish Report: "Important: Email update - Action required"

Send Details:

Date Sent: 9/19/2023

From: Technology Help Desk (helpdesk at <- spoofing the Help Desk email 

Subject: Important: Email update - Action required


WHAT: Recently we updated Mount Holyoke College Email servers to enhance end user experience and improve security.

WHO: This change pertains to all Mount Holyoke College email users, and are advised to update their account to comply with the new server requirements.

WHY: Non-compliance might process your account as inactive, and you may experience interruption of services or undue errors.

HOW: Kindly   u p d a t e  your account    H  E  R  E  

We appreciate your support and cooperation during this update effort

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Help Desk