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Phish Report: "email change reminder"

Send Details:

Date Sent: Monday December 4, 2023

From: Carolina Cardenas <Carolina.Cardenas at sweetwaterschools dot org>

Subject: email change reminder


Hi all,

This is a friendly reminder that we will be switching from Outlook to Gmail for all our emails! Your email address will not change. The domain will remain the same. CLICK HERE fill and submit the Migration form.

Starting tomorrow at 7 a.m., you need to go into Gmail for all email activity (

As previously mentioned, here are the tasks you need to do:

· Turn off promotions categories

· Turn off reply all default

· Check your spam folder frequently!

· Check your folders, your contacts, and your calendar if you used Outlook calendar

Please review the following tutorials and let your integration team know if you need any help as soon as the migration is completed!