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Phish Report: "Please confirm your recent purchase"

Send Details:

Date Sent: Friday, March 8, 2024

Subject: Please confirm your recent purchase

From: fraudalert at fast-pay dot co <fraudalert at email-records dot com>


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Do you recognize this purchase?
Hi [name],

Our fraud defenses flagged the purchase below as unusual for your MASTERCARD. Do you or an authorized user recognize this purchase?

If we’ve already spoken about this, you can ignore this email.

Date    Merchant Name    Amount
03/08/2024    Bitcoin    $11200.00
Everything’s OK
Something’s Wrong
Some things to consider when reviewing your purchase:
•    If a dollar amount differs from your record, it could be a pre-authorization. For example, many gas stations pre-authorize an amount (usually between $1–$75) because they don’t know how much gas you’ll pump.
•    If a purchase is legitimate but you want to cancel it, you have to contact the merchant directly.To take a closer look at this purchase, sign in to your account to check out the details.

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Screenshot of Capital One phish.