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College Archives

The Archives documents the life of Mount Holyoke by collecting materials created by students, faculty and administrative and departmental staff. The records in the Archives can provide you with answers to specific questions or help you to understand broad social and cultural issues.

The following types of records are represented in the Archives collection, as well as many more. Please ask an archivist for additional information and assistance.

Academic Records

Academic records document the Mount Holyoke curriculum through official catalogs and reports, academic department collections and faculty papers.

Administrative Records

Administrative records provide information about how Mount Holyoke operates. Records from major offices include the Board of Trustees, Admissions, and Dean of Faculty.

Office of the President Records

Office of the President records concern the lives of those who served as the head of Mount Holyoke and events and issues during the administrations of these individuals.

Mary Lyon, 1837-1849

Mary C. Whitman, 1849-1850

Mary W. Chapin, 1850-1865

Sophia Stoddard, 1865-1867

Helen French, 1867-1872

Julia E. Ward, 1872-1883

Elizabeth Blanchard, 1883-1889

Mary Brigham, 1889

Louisa Cowles, 1889-1890

Elizabeth Storrs Mead, 1890-1900

Mary E. Woolley, 1900-1937

Roswell Gray Ham, 1937-1957

Richard Glenn Gettell, 1957-1968

Meribeth E. Cameron, Acting President, 1969

David B. Truman, 1969-1978

Elizabeth Topham Kennan, 1978-1995

Joanne V. Creighton, 1996-2010

Lynn Pasquerella, 2010-2016

Student Life Records

Diaries, letters, photographs and scrapbooks provide a personal glimpse into the world of Mount Holyoke students and alums; student organization records document student activities on campus; and student publications highlight journalism and creativity.

These publications have been digitized in their entirety: the Mount Holyoke College student newspaper and Mount Holyoke College student handbooks.

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds records contain manuscripts and photographs documenting the development of the physical campus, the construction of buildings and the activities that took place in these buildings.