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For additional help, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

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Mobility Print, multi-function devices, physical printers, etc.


LITS is aware of an ongoing issue where campus MFDs are experiencing intermittent connection errors with the print server, disrupting user printing. The MFDs will automatically try to connect again after failing and should reconnect on their own, though they may disconnect again shortly thereafter. We are working with our vendor to resolve the root cause of this issue. 

In the meantime, if you encounter an issue printing LITS recommends restarting the MFD and trying again. Restarting the MFDs has increased the length of time between disconnections and may increase the likelihood that you print without issue. If you have a large scanning job to do, LITS recommends separating it out into smaller chunks. 

Starting Wednesday evening, the Technology Helpdesk began receiving reports of issues printing.  Staff are investigating.  

There was a power event over the weekend that disrupted campus MFDs' connection to the print server. If your MFD is displaying an error, please power cycle it by flipping the power switch on the side, unplugging the machine from the wall, waiting 60 seconds, and then plugging it back in and turning it back on. 

If the error persists, please contact the LITS Technology Help Desk at

To address security issues, a system patch is being applied to the campus Print Servers that may briefly impact printing.  Please contact the Helpdesk if issues persist.

In response to an active security threat impacting Windows computers, LITS is testing a settings change designed to protect campus computers. If difficulty occurs when printing (from either general office or specialized applications), please contact the Help Desk with the name of the application and the MHC Tag# of the device.

Check back here for updates.