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Rise in ransomware threats

LITS is seeing an increase in Ransomware threats targeting educational institutions. Ransomware uses collected personal data or encryption tactics to force a payment from the College. These threats often begin with a targeted email to a specific individual, and may look like it is from a person, authority figure, or department you trust (i.e., your supervisor, a dean, or potential employer). This tactic is called: spear-phishing.  

To keep the MHC community safe, we ask that you to take the following precautions. 

Active Steps:

  • Flag phishing messages using Gmail
  • Store files in Google Drive
  • Password protect and backup critical documents (like those related to research)
  • Reboot your computer at least once per week
  • Windows users: connect to the MHC VPN at least once a week
  • Install security updates when prompted (some updates require a restart)

Stay informed and remain vigilant:

Do your part for our community by taking a few of these steps. Contact the Technology Help Desk with questions, or if you suspect an email is a phishing attempt.