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Phish Bowl fraudulent email and Cybersecurity Resources

In the LITS Phish Bowl, you can check for recent fraudulent email examples. If you receive a suspicious email or are unsure about an email, check the Phish Bowl for a record of the most recent scams and phishing attempts.

The US Federal Communications Commission has cybersecurity resources available and in many languages as well.  Please visit the FCC Website (

If you find the suspicious email you received already recorded in the phish bowl, please mark the email as spam, and you're done. If it's not noted in the phish bowl, please mark it as phishing (instructions below) and forward it to It will be added so others are aware of it.

If you responded to a suspicious email and/or clicked on a link and entered any account or personal information, please immediately contact the Help Desk at and reset your account password to prevent scammers from using your account.