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Password Safety

Creating strong passwords is one of the most effective ways you can protect personal information and keep yourself safe from cyber attacks. Shake up your password protocol, because not all passwords are created equal.

Password tips

  • Always consider using the longest password or passphrase permissible. 
  • Get creative and use a different password for every account. This will protect you if one account gets hacked because the rest will still be secure. 
  • Use a password manager to generate and store all your unique, complex passwords. More about password managers below.
  • Not sure if your existing passwords have been leaked in a data breach? Check on Be sure to change passwords for any accounts that show up.

What is a Password Manager?

Password managers store and organize your all passwords in an encrypted account locked with one “master” password. This makes it easy for you to set a unique password for each account without having to remember them all.

Most password managers also include browser extensions that auto-fill login information at the click of a button and password generator tools so you don’t have to come up with new passwords yourself.

Additional Resources