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Software Updates

How many times have you clicked “remind me tomorrow” when your device prompts you for a software update?

We know that these notices rarely show up when it’s convenient, but it’s important to push past any temptation to delay. Updates often include critical security patches that protect your devices from vulnerabilities that hackers are already abusing.

For more, read CISA’s (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) article Understanding Patches and Software Updates.

Turn on Automatic Updates

Let your devices do the work for you by turning on automatic updates!

How are updates managed on MHC-owned computers?

Early Adopters program for MHC employees

Interested in getting the latest software versions as soon as they’re available? Volunteer to be in the Early Adopter’s program.

Should I upgrade to the newest operating system right away?

No. Even though developers conduct extensive testing ahead of a release, new operating systems (OS) almost always come out with a handful of notable bugs. These are usually fixed within a couple weeks, so if you’re hoping to upgrade your personally-owned computer’s OS you won’t be waiting forever.

Please note that before MHC-owned computers can be upgraded to the newest operating systems, LITS must complete our own testing to ensure that applications integral to College operations function properly with the new OS. For that reason, LITS usually blocks users’ ability to upgrade their college-owned computers’ OS until we’ve finished our testing.