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Antivirus and malware protection

Antivirus software, malware protection software, and other endpoint protection tools help protect your computer against harmful software that is written to transmit, destroy or change important information on your computer.

  • College-owned computers: LITS installs & manages antivirus and malware protection software on all College-owned computers. The current software licensed for MHC owned computers is Sophos Endpoint Advanced.
  • Personal computers (faculty, staff and students): LITS recommends you have up-to-date antivirus and malware protection software installed before you connect to the campus network. There are many antivirus software tools available. We have used Sophos Home, AVG, MalwareBytes, and Windows Defender as free home software options.

If you see pop-ups on your computer that seem suspicious, do not click on any open windows. Power your computer off and contact the Technology Help Desk.