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I’ve been scammed! What now?

You’ve been targeted by a cybersecurity scam, so what do you do now? Use this guide to help figure out your next steps. Remember that you can always reach out to the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

1. Stay calm and get help

You’re already doing great by reaching out and looking for help! We know that being the target of a cyber scam can be an emotional experience. Remember that what’s happening is not your fault. We recommend reviewing these self care tips for cybersecurity incidents.

2. Diagnose the problem

The Digital First Aid Kit is a great place to start.

3. Take Action

If the problem is listed on the Digital First Aid Kit, it will walk you through general next steps for resolution.

There are additional MHC- and situation-specific actions below.

Responded to a suspicious email and/or clicked on a link and entered any account or personal information?

Targeted by a fraudulent job posting?

Contacted by "The IRS" or "Homeland Security" about your immigration status?

Suspicious bank activity?

  • Contact your financial institution immediately upon suspecting or discovering a fraudulent transfer. You may also request that your bank reach out to the financial institution where the fraudulent transfer was sent.

In all cases, report the crime to:

Additional Resources

The Federal Trade Commission’s article What to do if you were scammed is also useful.