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Phishing Attacks

Emails, phone calls, text messages - our inboxes are overflowing with people trying to get in touch with us! But not every message is safe. Use the information below to help differentiate between malicious messages and legitimate correspondence.

If you’ve responded to a suspicious email and/or clicked on a link and entered any account or personal information, please visit the LITS webpage I’ve been scammed! What now? for next steps.

Want to see recent phishing messages reported to LITS?

In the LITS Phish Bowl, you can check for recent fraudulent email examples. If you receive a suspicious email or are unsure about an email, check the Phish Bowl for a record of the most recent scams and phishing attempts.

If you find the suspicious email you received already recorded in the Phish Bowl, please mark the email as spam, and you're done. If it's not noted in the Phish Bowl, please report it to the LITS Technology Help Desk. It will be added so others are aware of it.