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Wordpress, websites, ePortfolios

Do you need to build a website for a department, project, course or yourself?  We offer WordPress, Google Sites and Drupal. Read on to find out which tool to use and where to locate help resources for each one.

Commons via WordPress

Who can use this tool?

  • MHC faculty 
  • MHC staff
  • MHC students and cross-registered Five College students

Why use this tool?

  • Individual sites
  • Non-departmental/non-institutional sites (such as individual faculty sites, lab sites, blogs, student org sites and course sites)

Where can you access it?


  • Flexible in terms of complexity and public availability
  • Can be blog or static site
  • Social media integration  
  • Multiple authors and contributors


  • Limited number of themes available
  • Limited number of plugins available

Where to find help?