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Zoom Cloud Storage Retention Policy

LITS provides the Mount Holyoke community with two major tools related to video: Kaltura and Zoom. Zoom has robust features for video conferencing, but is not equipped or intended to provide long term storage or delivery of video content.

Kaltura is the College's platform for storing and reusing curricular, community, and administrative video content. All Zoom cloud recordings are copied over to Kaltura automatically, where they are added to the Kaltura account of the meeting host. These copies are accessible to users both in the “My Media” tab within Moodle and by logging in at

The College’s storage capacity in Zoom cloud storage is limited. In order to meet the ongoing needs of the College community, Zoom cloud recordings will now be automatically deleted thirty (30) days after they were first created. The Zoom cloud is a short-term solution with limited storage capacity; that capacity needs to be prioritized for those accessibility workflows that cannot be completed via other platforms.

If you use Kaltura to manage your Zoom recordings, or if you have been storing Zoom recordings to your computer, this policy will not change your workflow. Any recordings created in Zoom in September 2020 or after will have automatically been copied to your Kaltura media space.

If you have items in your Zoom cloud storage that were created prior to Mount Holyoke’s adoption of Kaltura in August of 2020, you will need to move them from short-term Zoom cloud storage to long-term Kaltura storage before Monday, February 15. Instructions are available in the Kaltura Help Guide in both written and video format, and further training will be provided by the Digital Pedagogy team via regularly scheduled drop in sessions and consultations by request.

The College will implement this policy on February 15th, 2021. At that time, recordings older than thirty days will expire and will be deleted from Zoom cloud storage. Future recordings will auto-delete from Zoom cloud storage after thirty days, but will appear in Kaltura My Media.

Key instructions and support documentation: