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Acceptable use policy

Computer and network access at Mount Holyoke College is provided in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy.

MHC Account

  • Your Mount Holyoke College user account is for your use only. The password is not to be given to anyone else for any reason. If you suspect someone has obtained your password, change it immediately and request assistance from LITS (x2600) if necessary.
  • Sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited. The use of your account by anyone else is considered a breach of system security.

Password Security

  • Your primary MHC account password should be different from any other password. It should not be used for other purposes or programs.
  • Your password should have a high degree of internal security, so that it cannot be guessed or discovered using hacking tools.
  • Passwords should be changed to unrelated passwords periodically. LITS recommends you change your MHC account password every 180 days.
  • It is best practice to never write down your password. If a password must be written down, store it in a secure place.

Infractions of Acceptable Use

Conducting illegal activities using the College network or computers is prohibited. The following activities also violate the College’s acceptable use policy:

  • attempting to gain unauthorized access to any other system (in some cases, this may be criminal behavior),
  • copyright infringement or violations of copyright law,
  • use of College computers and networks for any personal business activity.,
  • excessive use of College computers and networks that affects others' use of the systems,
  • attempting communications using College computers or networks with someone who has indicated that communication is not desired; after someone has so indicated, continued attempts may be considered harassment,
  • forgery or other misrepresentation of one's identity via any form of electronic communication,
  • sending unsolicited bulk email (spam) unrelated to the College mission, or
  • using any device on the network that adversely affects the network.