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Your MHC Account

Your MHC Account is your key to accessing the rich resources and powerful software tools available to the MHC community. It will allow you to do many useful things such as log into your email, see your work timecard on my.mtholyoke, add funds to your OneCard, and find the information you need to be successful.

Looking for MHC password reset instructions?

Account Security

When you arrive at MHC, you are issued your MHC account and temporary password and given instructions to set your own password. From that point on, keep your user account secure by never sharing your password with anyone else. MHC offices will NEVER ask you to share your password. If you receive an email that appears to be from Mount Holyoke asking you to send your password, that email is a hoax designed to trick you into sharing your password with an unauthorized person. Learn what to do if you receive an email like this (called a “phishing” email).

What Services can you access with your MHC Account?

Refer to our knowledge base in the AskLITS portal for information on MHC accounts, who gets them, when and how accounts are provided, and what they include access to.