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2-Step Verification

What is 2-step verification?

2-step verification, also called two factor, 2Step, or multi-factor authentication, is an important tool for keeping your online accounts secure. With 2-step verification enabled, logging into an online account becomes a multi-step process. You’ll need BOTH something you know (your username and password) AND access to something you have (ex. your phone) to log into an online account that is secured with 2-step verification. 

There are lots of ways that the second step can work: 

  • Receive a one-time code via text, phone call, email, or third party app
  • Enter a one-time code from a list you have pre-printed
  • Insert a USB device

How does 2-step verification protect my account?

If your password gets leaked or stolen, bad actors will try to use it to take over control of your account. However, if you have 2-step verification enabled they’ll hit a wall when prompted for 2-step verification because they won’t have access to your other verification methods. 

Google 2-step Verification (Required for MHC Accounts)

Like many other colleges, in order to protect both individual accounts and the college network of users, Mount Holyoke College requires that students, faculty, and staff enable 2-step verification on their MHC Google accounts. 

Quick Links:

Set up 2-step Verification on Every Account

LITS highly recommends that you set up 2-step verification on all your online accounts. We’ve provided links below to 2-step setup instructions for common accounts.